Question 3 – Nepal Girl

There can be many reasons why the girl is being spotted naked and in such a state but in this picture that has been taken the girl is being criticized heavily and is being over ruled as no care is given to the fact that she is naked.

There was a war going on and due to the issues of war she could have been rushed or forced to leave as she was while she might f been in the middle of a bath or shower as there might have been a bombing in the area that was on the way to her. This leaves you wondering what happened to her that she is left in such a devastating state and forced to run into the public street naked in front of all the soldiers like that .This does sadden many hearts and souls and shows us how careful we should be when being online and posting on the internet. Many people might miss the point and not understand what you post in the way you intended for people to see it as ,This is why we need to take precautions and take a minute to think before you go online and make use of social media as it is a very dangerous tool is not taken with care


Famous Pictures Collection.2013. Vietnam Nepal Girl.[Online].Avaialble at : [Accessed on 18 October 2017].


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